a wealth of variety and richness

In Italy there is not just one type of honey but on the contrary there are 30 varieties of unifloral honey as well as a wide range of mixed flower honey types, each one strictly intertwined with its specific area of origin. As a matter of fact honey is a product with a double soul because it is partially of animal origin and partially of vegetable origin. It is produced by bees but it is not secreted by them: in order to make it they collect vegetable nectars, then they add some special enzymes coming from their digestive system, they reduce the excessive amount of water and finally stock it in the honeycomb cells of their incredible hives.

That is why the environment where bees live, its level of biodiversity, its flowers and trees, ts climate, its soil quality, are factors affecting the production of honey. As a consequence honey is always unique and embodies all the features of the place where it comes from.
The role played by bees is essential in order to make honey, even if its basic ingredients are of vegetable origin: nectar and honeydew. As to any other recipe, ingredients are crucial and can influence the final result. Honey varieties differ enormously from each other according to the botanical origin of the nectars.
Getting to know this world
and becoming honey experts
is a real extraordinary and unique tasty journey, extremely exciting and satisfactory especially for those of you
who are curious enough to embark on it!
Like for wines and cheeses,
the use of plural for honey
is a must!