Honey can be used also as
an ingredient for different
dishes. The recipes of cakes and desserts not requiring any baking or where honey is added at the end of the baking process are those where honey is most widely used for. Actually, as a more general tip you may think about using honey to replace sugar in any sweet preparation. This is not only an excellent health tip but also a very tasty one! However, it is advisable to find the right honey variety that matches perfectly with each specific food or drink, enhancing the aroma or producing a pleasant contrast.

Some examples?
A refreshing drink made with water, eucalyptus tree honey and lemon juice; putting a spoonful of lime tree honey in any herbal tea; a milk shake with strawberries and lavender honey; orange juice with orange honey; yogurt with rhododendron or high mountain honey; roast bread slices with butter previously mixed with honey (the one you like); ricotta cheese and chestnut honey (or another intensely tasted honey); bread slices with peanut butter and a delicate and creamy honey, like lucerne honey; mixed fruit salad with thyme honey. Acacia honey, whose taste is very delicate, has a high sweetening power and is highly soluble, it can easily replace sugar, especially when you do not want to alter the original taste of the ingredients. The same can be done with other unifloral honey varieties like sulla and clover or with mixed flower varieties with a very delicate taste.

Honey is a very ancient cooking ingredient, much older than sugar: the vast majority of traditional and typical tarts and cakes, usually prepared all over Italy especially for Christmas, include honey as
a fundamental ingredient. Apart from traditiona recipes, honey can replace, up to one third, the sugar in any recipe. Cakes and biscuits will be less dry and have more pleasant texture, they will be more uniformly golden, with a unique aroma and they will last longer.
If you replace sugar with honey you just need to make little adjustments in the original recipes: reduce the total amount of liquid ingredients because honey has already some water in it, slightly increase baking soda (if present) in order to offset its acidity, a slightly milder baking temperature and a longer baking time in order to avoid excessive browning, because fructose caramelizes more easily than saccharose. For puddings, creams and ice-creams, the choice of the honey will depend exclusively on personal taste. The use in recipes including dairy products is always excellent: honey and milk was a gods favourite! Even in savoury recipes honey can be used
with top tasty results. It is very important to use small quantities of it: honey should simply be a taste enhancer.